Who We Teach

More than 100 product launches, 30,000 speakers over 6 continents. Most Hillside training workshops are designed to fit a half-day or full-day format.  However, our training is always adaptable to a variety of audience sizes and time slots.  Personal coaching, video recording, and objective assessment are available. Our workshops are highly interactive and build on slides and content your speakers will use in their speaking engagements.

  • Medical Speakers

  • Compliance, content and credibility. These are just some of the challenges medical speakers face in today’s environment. With our extensive experience we guide and coach your speakers to be expert educators.
  • Medical Affairs (Medical Directors, MSLs, etc)

  • Bridging the gap between your science and engagement can be difficult. We can help your medical affairs professionals navigate the challenges of professional interactions and education.
  • Executives (Brand Teams)

  • Effective communication of ideas is the hallmark of successful executives.  Whether you are speaking to the media, an all employee meeting, an investor conference, or preparing a keynote or pitch, Hillside can help prepare all your teams to perform at their best.
  • Sales

  • Sales representatives know that personal relationships and rapport are crucial, but conveying valuable information in a timely, respectful manner is paramount.  Hillside understands this challenge and believes it begins with the human connection.
  • Patient Educators

  • These professionals perform the important task of conveying complicated medical information to the people that count the most — the patients. AS educators ourselves, we understand how to build that relationship, and make sure important science is conveyed.
  • Patient Advocates

  • These are the stories that matter. We guide patients to tell their stories clearly and effectively for the biggest impact.