How We Do It


Hillside A.C.E.™ Process

With a steadfast commitment to the latest in adult learning theory, we will train your presenter experts to be expert presenters.  Years of industry experience allow us to quickly understand your target audience and build focused training to drive home your most critical messages.

Hillside utilizes the proprietary A.C.E.™ method of instruction for all our workshops. Developed by co-founder, Christopher Hill, PhD,  the A.C.E.™  method recognizes the three important components that must be considered when designing effective education —

  • The Audience – What did they come to learn?
  • The Content- What must they take away?, and
  • The Educator- Who is teaching/ presenting, and how can they do better?


Hillside understands that the “magic” occurs in the overlap of these three components — the lasting impact can be seen whenever audiences come to learn from the experts we have trained.